Ribbonwood Beginnings

Ribbonwood Calendar was first created in 2004. The images in it come from my journals over several years. I love playing with words and colour and form. What has emerged as I’ve spent time with those elements has often surprised me, and the images continue to speak to me even years later. My hope is that they connect with you too.

The title for the calendar comes from the Ribbonwood tree, a native of New Zealand. I like the word, or rather the words joined together – ribbon and wood, fluid and strong, flexible and solid. A word that expands to hold opposites – as do many of these images.

Growing and changing

In 2005, as well as a calendar, Ribbonwood greeting cards were produced. In 2006 journals and posters joined the Ribbonwood collection. In 2007 bookmarks and photo albums were added. After a two year break  Ribbonwood Calendar  returned for 2010, however I’ve decided this will be the last calendar. I know the calendar has been enjoyed by many people, however the work and time involved in producing it has not been able to be recouped and so I’ve had to make this difficult decision. Ribbonwood  cards and posters and other products continue however! And I hope to spend time during 2011 actively pursuing – and letting go (all at the same time!) other ways and places the images might be expressed. Your ideas are welcome!

In the past Ribbonwood  images have been used in corporate Christmas cards, a poetry anthology and a Lenten Discussion booklet. If you would like to use them, please contact me. I like the idea of them having a place out in the world.

Other threads

As well as producing Ribbonwood “things”, I work part-time as a writer/editor and a workshop facilitator. I have a particular interest in spirituality, disability and creativity – both in their own right and as they intersect with each other. Over the last few years I underwent a formation programme to accompany others on their spiritual journey, and in 2010 have begun practicing in this area. I love working with people who are keen to explore and pay attention to where they are being drawn in their lives.

There are many collaborators behind this creative endeavour and for their support my heartfelt thanks. Where would I be without you?