The colourful flowing images of Ribbonwood can be enjoyed in several ways…..

The Unfolding pamphlet on Change – a NEW Ribbonwood creation – opens out like a small book. The pictures and colours and quotes tell a story of change… where change might be happening, how it affects us, what helps. See what people say about it below…

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webp10CHANGEtaster-12 webcover webp11CHANGEtaster-13

BRIDGET says: Everybody experiences change – sometimes it’s scary, sometimes it’s not.  This beautiful expression of change written by Ribbonwood manages to give something to everyone.  I have endorsed this pamphlet to be used for students in their final year of high school as they prepare for the change of moving beyond the school gate.

from MAUREEN: The message in the change pamphlet stays with you and gently challenges you to think about your own reaction to change and how you could do better. It touches off a personal, quiet revolution.

JAN says: I would give the pamphlet to someone when they are in the process of any kind of change in their lives, either job, moving home, children moving on, illness or simply some newness or movement in their lives.   The pamphlet contains a wealth of information that is a blessing for all.

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There are over 20 Ribbonwood Greeting Cards. The evocative images suit many different occasions….To see all the images and order.

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